Summary: Three new watches this year, Piaget's Possession series of watches for the first time, are designed in line with the concept of Possession jewelry. Both Athens and Panerai are new watch sizes and have been redesigned in appearance. These three watches should be put on the market in the second half of this year, and interested friends can go to the physical store to try them on.

In addition to Tissot’s outstanding ancient and modern works, this exhibition will also showcase the crown, runner-up, runner-up, finalist works and the three judges of the “160th Anniversary Tour” stamp design competition held by the brand earlier: Switzerland Tissot Global Endorsement Ambassador Mr. Huang Xiaoming, well-known artist and designer Ms. Ye Yunyi and famous graphic designer Mr. Yu Xiaoyang's stamp design works, visitors are welcome to participate in the contest 'Most Popular Welcome Award' voting event at the exhibition site or Tissot Watch Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store , A chance to win rich prizes. A variety of beautifully designed postcards are also available on site. Visitors are welcome to submit the completed postcards to the Tissot Watch Harbour City flagship store. Tissot will use the upcoming Tissot Swiss '160th Anniversary Tour' commemorative stamp series Postage stamps post your heart. In addition, there are daily special performances on the exhibition site: Mr. Huang Zhulin, a master of water painting from afar in New York, will explain the brilliant history of Tissot’s 160 years in an innovative and unique way; In addition to demonstrating various Tissot outstanding timepieces, visitors and models are also welcome to take photos. Friends who love watches and travel, please do not miss this rare event, which can make close contact with the history of watches and clocks!

Omega, a famous Swiss watch brand, held a special ceremony at the City Hall Plaza in Seoul, South Korea, to unveil the mystery of its first anniversary countdown clock. Mr. Gunilla Lindberg, Executive Committee and Coordination Committee Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. YOO Dong-Hoon, the second officer of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games and Mr. Lee Hee-beom, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Paralympic Games, attended the ceremony together.

In fact, the great reason for the birth of the Fifty Fathoms series was due to the history at that time. When the war and peace did not know which day came first, countries had a practical and highly waterproof diving timepiece for underwater actual combat. Great demand.

The elegant VIP lounge reproduces the 'Elizabeth Lounge' (Salottino Taylor) of the Roman Condotti flagship store. The antique armchairs (inspired by the famous furniture designer Osvaldo Borsani), the onyx oval coffee table, and the thick and beautiful carpets perfectly complement the atmosphere of the 1860s. The domed ceiling of the lounge is accompanied by a concave-convex pattern, reminiscent of the dome of the Roman Pantheon. The backlight of the Murano crystal chandelier creates the effect of sunlight passing through Roman buildings.

Daniel. Elios: Because in the past few years we have also held some small press conferences in the United States, maybe just because the scale is still relatively small. Not everyone has noticed that this year we will also hold events in the United States. It's bigger, but the time has not yet been determined. Everyone knows that in this aspect, we are all stars who are sport-oriented and challenge the limit. Of course, if we can find a suitable candidate in the United States, we are also very happy to cooperate with him.

From watch and luxury car, watch and yacht, watch and aviation, and even watch and art, watch and adventure, there are many examples of successful cross-border cooperation. Today, I list the most speedy watch in the watch-the chronograph, and tell the story of the watch and the racing car.

The chronograph function display includes a central second hand and a minute instantaneous counter. The pointer of the counter can jump instantaneously when the second hand completes a lap, which is more convenient to read than the slow jump mechanism. The core soul of this integrated chronograph movement is the column wheel equipped with a steering clutch. In addition, it is equipped with a hammer compression spring, which can tighten the hammer arm with the eccentric wheel, so that the hammer tip can be accurately placed in the center of the minute wheel.

The names of the two founders of the Audemars Piguet watch factory represent the two models in the classical series, namely the Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet series. The Jules Audemars time equation table can not only display sunrise, sunset time and perpetual calendar functions, but also have a bezel logo according to the region of the wearer or owner, so you don’t need to consult the astronomy catalog or use a calculator to get Know the sunrise and sunset times of the sun. It takes a full year for the kidney-type time equation cam to rotate one revolution. This device requires absolutely precise shaping, manufacturing and final processing to provide useful and accurate information every day.

Question: Zenith's current product structure of the inverted pyramid does not seem to conform to the habits of American consumers. After all, in the eyes of many American consumers, what is expensive is good.

Amy Long is honored to sponsor the Lausanne International Ballet Competition in Switzerland for the fourth consecutive year. In the 48th competition that just came to a close, 8 young dancers won the Lausanne Scholarship, and 2 of them were from the United States. Affected by the epidemic this year, American players experienced many unexpected difficulties during the schedule. In spite of this, they still maintained an excellent state of participation, and demonstrated their tough and optimistic 'American power' with excellent collective potential!

In 65 years, two of his sons, Jules-Emile and Paul-Alcide, jointly took charge of Blancpain, and developed a winding and timing integrated crown, ending the traditional key winding structure. Later Paul left Blancpain's business of choosing to brew beer. In 1890, Jules-Emile's son Frédéric-Emile Blancpain (same name as his grandfather) took over the company and expanded a two-story factory to connect to nearby Suze The river water is used to generate electricity. In 1915, Frédéric-Emile's business assistant Betty Fiechter entered Blancpain. Emile trained her to become a watchmaker and supervise all Blancpain's  products. Since then, Blancpain's business has radiated across the Atlantic to the Americas and has become an internationally renowned watch brand.

Equipped with Omega 3304 automatic winding mechanical movement, stainless steel case, bezel set with diamonds, purple PVD coated dial, equipped with purple crocodile leather strap.

The famous Swiss watch brand Swatch Swatch (hereinafter referred to as Swatch) held a press conference today to launch a new product jointly designed with Wang Junkai. Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch's global creative director, Ms. MollyGu, vice president of the United States, and Wang Junkai, the brand's global image spokesperson, attended the press conference and unveiled new products together at the scene. The new product jointly designed with Wang Junkai this time includes two single-piece watches and a limited number double watch set gift box with 6 clasps. Swatch's infinite creativity showcases the dazzling and shining side of this new generation of popular star 'Cosmic Star' and the handsome and fresh side of the 'Vast Sea'. Swatch not only specializes in creating special-shaped stars and spray removable watch head decoration accessories, emphasizing design elements; but also uses the initials of Wang Junkai's English name (KARRYWANG), birthday (September 21) and release date (March 28 Day) Named new watches: 'K921 Planet' watch with star head decoration and 'W328 Submarine' watch with spray head decoration.

Summary: The material of the precious metal case and the flyback function make this watch easily reach the 200,000 yuan mark on the price. If you think such a price is really unacceptable, this watch is now available. Steel shell style, the price will be about 50,000 yuan. I personally think that this price is quite worthwhile to start this watch. After all, the classic eccentricity of PanoGraph is the ace design of Glashütte. At the same time, the wholesale replica watches in usa timing function of the flyback has some of the characteristics of sports watches, so although the price The interval is higher, but the value for money is good.

Time goes by, Cartier's long history and superb watchmaking technology have witnessed the development, progress and take-off of the brand. I hope that Cartier watches can also witness the strong feelings between the couple. The Cartier Santos100 series watch has both men's and women's pairings. The huge silver stainless steel case has a geometric design with a sense of the times. The curved square corners let people experience a stylish design. Under the transparent sapphire crystal glass, the dial scale is clearly visible, using the oversized ancient Roman time scale and sword-shaped rhodium-plated luminous hands, which is classic and reveals a trace of history. Multi-faceted stainless steel crown with a multi-faceted rubber button. Harmonious lug curve, the male model W20106X8 is a black crocodile leather strap with natural texture decoration, noble and low-key, and the female model W20126X8 is a pink crocodile leather strap with a folding buckle.

Before the Basel Watch Fair, the International Salon of Fine Watches in Geneva was just held, which was a prelude to Basel. Some people in the industry said, 'It is easy to enter the Basel Watch Fair and difficult to enter the Geneva Watch Fair.' Mainly because there are almost 2,000 exhibitors at the Basel Watch Fair, while only 20 exhibitors at the Geneva Watch Fair. This watch show, which was originally dominated by the Richemont Group brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and Montblanc, has seen new faces such as Greubel Forsey and Richard Mille in recent years. The latter two are also frequent visitors to the Basel Watch Fair. One of the founders of the Greubel Forsey brand said that many of the brands at the Geneva Watch Fair are brands favored by the US market, attracting the attention of more than 30 media representatives and some industry insiders in the United States. In Basel, their small-volume brands are easily overwhelmed, while in Geneva, they have more opportunities to be noticed by the US market. A few years ago, the name of the American media could not be found on the media list of the Geneva Watch Fair.

The highlight of this watch is the ingenious filigree enamel dial, the process of making the floral dial is extremely complicated and time-consuming. First, the master engraving master carved a symmetrical and repeating machine engraving pattern on the gold tire plate with only one tenth of a millimeter, and then the master enamel used the gold wire structure to outline the outline of enamel coloring; Apply different colors of enamel glaze, burn them in an oven at about 800°, polish the surface and then add the next color. Repeat this fine step several times, the enamel color concentration will gradually deepen, and finally coated with a layer of transparent glass enamel, used to protect the floral pattern.

Antonio) The No. 1188 Tourbillon Precision Chronograph Pocket Watch purchased by the Prince in 1808 is one of the top timepiece masterpieces in the history of the brand. This pocket watch will be exhibited in the Breguet Museum set up in the Breguet Zurich boutique from June 26, 2018. In addition, Breguet also cherishes two other historic tourbillon pocket watches, No. 1176 sold by Mr. Breguet in 1809 and No. 2567 sold in 1812, the original records are stored together , Records each step of the historical creation process. Breguet recently launched the Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Automatique 5367 with its enamel dial. This timepiece masterpiece is characterized by an aesthetic concept that never falls behind, symbolizing the purest Breguet style. The blue-steel Breguet hands are in sharp contrast with the white and flawless 'Great Fire' enamel dial, making the time clearer and easier to read. This design layout decorated with Breguet digital hour markers is very clever, it can not help but recall the pioneering spirit of Mr. Breguet in the field of watchmaking, and his continuous innovation of the aesthetic concept of the mainstream timer at that time. The watch case is slim and precise, with a thickness of only 7.45 mm, and the thickness of the movement is only 3 mm. The ring-shaped automatic rotor allows the wearer to have a glance at the hand-engraving process on the movement. Such extraordinary craftsmanship comes from the master Breguet craftsman in Switzerland.

Mbappe represents a new generation that will refresh all football records in the future. Gillian Mbappe is currently the best scorer in French football. He is the world champion, two Ligue 1 champions (representing Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and Monaco Football Club respectively) and representing Paris Saint-Germain Football Club won Champions of the French Cup and the French League Cup.